Structural Steel Pipe There are seamless and welded steel structural pipe,which are widely used as roof frames, purlins, trusses, rigid frames, wall frames, keels, roof panels, wall panels, floor slabs, doors and windows, containers, pipelines, cofferdam, steel piles, breakwaters . Topstar Scaffolding company supplies galvanized steel structural pipes include square pipe,rectangular pipe and round pipe.There are cold formed and hot finished type for welded structural pipes. 聽聽 Product Specification Property of Galvanized Steel Structural Pipe OD10*10mm-1200*1200mm Thickness:1/2/3/4/5/6/8/10/12/12/16/18/20mm Steel Grade:ASTM A500, ASTM A53, EN 10210, EN 10219, JIS G 3466, BS 1387, BS 6323 MarterialS235JR, S355JR, S275JR, C350LO, C250LO, G250, G350锛圕450LO锛?/p> Surface:Hot Dip Galvanized;Pre-galvanized;Black,Painted;Threaded Available Size Outer Diameter(mm)Wall Thickness(mm)Length (m) 48.3-48.61.8-2.50.3-12 48.3-48.62.750.3-12 48.3-48.630.3-12 48.3- 48.3- 48.3- 48.3-48.640.3-12 42.32.0-4.00.3-12 60.32.0-4.00.3-12 聽 Advantages of Topstar Galvanized Steel Structural Pipe 锛?/strong> 1.The galvanized surface is uniform; the adhesion is strong;the corrosion resistance of the steel pipe is enhanced and the service life is long. 2.The processing technology is meticulous, the cut end is smooth, beautiful and tidy 3. raw materials from large-scale brand, pipe quality is guaranteed 4.Short delivery time 10-15 days for hundreds tons. 5.Galvanized 30-50渭m (210g-350g/m2) 聽 PRODUCTION PROJECT CASES Vietnam: Building Structure Pipe: Standard and Material:EN 10219 S355JOH Specification:100*100*6*1200mm& 100*200*6*1200mm 聽 New Zealand: Steel Structure Construction of Hospital: Standard and Material:AS1163 C350LO Specification:400*400*16*12000mm 聽 Canada: Construction Structure聽 Standard and Material:ASTM A500 GR.C Specification:89*89*360mm 聽 APPLICATION * Industrial Water Lines,Plan Piping * Agriculture and Irrigation * Galvanized Steel Fencings * Road and Parking Barriers * Structural and fabrication Work * Water Pipelines * Sewerage Systms * Oil Pipe Lines * Oil Refinery Piping,crude Oil piping 聽 FAQ Q1.What sizes of structure pipe you produce? Square tube with size 10*10mm to 800*800mm/10*20mm to 1000*1200mm,thickness 0.1-50mm,length to 50m. our annual production reaches 100,000 tons. 聽 Q2.How is the production process? Galvanized steel pipe is made of steel coil. Generally the steel strip is unpacked, flattened, curled, welded to form a round tube, and then rolled into a square tube from the round tube and then cut into the required length. 聽 Q3.How is the tolerance for square and rectangular pipe? Wall thickness 锛?0mm, tolerance would be less than 10% of wall thickness Wall thickness 鈮?0mm, tolerance would be less than 8% of wall thickness 聽 Q4.What applications are square and rectangular pipe used for? Application area are machinery manufacturing,construction,agricultural greenhouses,railway,highway guardrail,container skeleton,steel structure construction. 聽Structural Steel Pipe website: